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Killarney Provincial Park Back Country

Join us for our annual breathtakingly beautiful commune with nature at its colourful best the red Maples contrasting with the white quartzite rock of the LaCloche mountain range on the northeastern shore of Georgian Bay. We hike to some exceptional lookouts "above the treeline" where we can see Manitoulin Island and many small lakes below.

Canada South Outdoors supplies all the group camping gear canoe(s) and paddling equipment, tents, canoe packs, stoves, fuel and kitchen gear, food, maps, park fees, leadership and all the logistics.  You may even wish to use some of your own equipment if it is suitable.  The trip leader, Gordon Haggert is a certified Canoe Tripping Instructor, having travelled in Killarney many times.  We supply a list of personal items to bring and other important information to know.   Your contact at home will have a detailed itinerary from when we leave and when we return. 

Note: All our trips and responsibilities are priced from the put-in to the take-out.  However, most trippers will want to pool in cars to travel to and from the trip area and will share expenses.    

Trippers usually pool their vehicles for travel and share driving expenses.  Price is all inclusive from the put-in to the take-out.
Contact Canada South Outdoors and/or send the three documents with your $25.00 deposit.

The La Cloche Mountains are unique in Ontario in Killarney Provincial Park

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