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Flatwater Canoeing Courses
(Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association Standards)

This course is designed to improve skills of paddlers from novice to experienced.  Courses are given in the Windsor, Ontario area, convenient for Essex County and South Eastern Michigan residents.

The evening pool session of two hours is given to handling a canoe and launching it from a dock,  being comfortable in the water and in the canoe, balancing, self rescues and the rescue of others.

The two days in the outdoors stress safe canoeing practices, canoeing resources, canoe lifts, carries and transporting, equipment knowledge and paddling skills.  Paddlers learn to move the canoe in a straight line backwards and forwards, make turns in a controlled fashion, change positions, land at a dock or the beach, manoeuvre sidewards in any direction and “turn on a dime”.

The above manoeuvres are practised in the bow and stern positions, and for those who wish, in the solo position.  After this practice, paddlers are confident, knowledgeable, skillful and ready for paddle confidently, alone or with friends. 

Trippers usually pool their vehicles for travel and share driving expenses.  Price is all inclusive from the put-in to the take-out.
Contact Canada South Outdoors and/or send the three documents with your $25.00 deposit.

Canoe over Canoe Rescue

One activity in the Flatwater course is a Canoe over Canoe rescue.  The following three photos illustrate the process briefly.  Click on the thumbnail photos to view larger images.

The rescuers approach the victims
The canoe is emptied
The victims climb back into their canoe

Solo Canoeing Is Fun

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