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This is a (growing) collection of pictures taken on several of our trips. To enlarge a picture, simply click on it or on its caption.  Click on any thumbnail image for a larger image.  At the moment we have some pictures from the following trips:

Killarney Provincial Park
Spanish River

Various and Sundry

Killarney Provincial Park

Killarney Lake
Portage trail at Killarney Lake
Camping at Muriel Lake
Dusk at Muriel Lake
Before takeoff at George Lake Campground
Colours along portage trails
Oh what a view.

Spanish River

Rafting Up
Group Shot
Happy Camper from Germany
After the Trip
Accupuncture in the bush
Happy Camper from Detroit
Unshaved, but Happy
Geologist and Singer
Happy Camper Couple
Always Happy in the Bush

Various and Sundry

On the left is Tom MacDonald on a Spanish River trip in 1998.
Start of a trip in Killarney.
The thrill of moving water.
Group in Killarney in 1997.
Rapids in Magnetawan, a great place to practice ferries.
Delivering a phone message.
Chase and Richard on the Magnetawan.
You can't beat the solitude.
Fall hiking in Vermont.
Jas, Eric, Dick and Gordon on the Magnetawan, 2000.
Jas and Eric practicing in a swift, 2000.
La Cloche range in Killarney.
Modern Day Courier de Bois.  
Poor moose. Stephen on the French River.  Out for a few days with Gordon, we came across a very small island with the recent remains of a moose.  The head was missing and no souvenirs were taken.


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