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Private and Custom Trips for Families or Groups

Apart from scheduled trips, Canada South Outdoors will organise a trip or program to meet your needs.  We cater to families and friends, organisations and clubs.  We will organise the trip, provide leadership and all the camping equipment.  We even cook your meals!  Any level of participation can be accommodated.  Please feel free to call to discuss your options.  Your trip can be a long weekend away, or a two week adventure on the Mississauga River near Chapleau.  Just email or call.

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Learn to Canoe Well - Canadian Flatwater Canoeing

Short courses from a two hour introduction to full Flatwater Canoeing courses are arranged and designed to improve the skills of paddlers from novice to experienced. Paddlers learn to manoeuvre the canoe with skill and confidence. Safe canoeing practices, equipment knowledge and resources will give an excellent background to canoe with family and friends. We provide all the equipment or you can use your own. (It is best to buy after some experience in what is available.)

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Wilderness Canoe Trips 

CSO leads several scheduled canoe trips in Ontario each season. We supply qualified leadership, all the group gear, maps, logistics and food for groups of up to 8 persons of all skill levels. (You may use your own equipment if it is acceptable.) Trips may be in Provincial Parks or on Crown Land and they have been well researched by the Leader/Instructor. Flatwater trips and river trips are included. Each trip is priced depending on the time, logistics required and the equipment used.  Most wilderness trips are in Ontario for a week.  Shorter long-weekend trips are also scheduled.  Trips at other times can be arranged to suit your family or group. Just ask .

Moving Water Introduction

This introduction to river running will prepare you for moving water on a canoe trip. Weekend instruction includes reading the river, safety precautions, and skills needed. Camping on site and all equipment provided. Just ask .

Voyageur Canoe Day Trips and School Trips

Click here to enlarge this image  The Hudson Bay Company and the North West Company used 11 m ( 34 ft ) Montreal Canoes from Montreal to Fort William (now on Thunder Bay) on Lake Superior in the fur trade from the 1600's to 1870.  We plan day trips of one to three hours for up to 16 paddlers at a time in the waters near Windsor, Point Pelee National Park and Detroit to recreate the spirit of the Voyageurs of the past.

Paddlers learn to manoeuvre the legendary Voyageur Canoe just as it was done in the past while hearing about the life of the Voyageurs who made one trip per season from Montreal to Lake Superior.

School groups, youth groups and adult groups have enjoyed this very Canadian experience - a part of the Canadian heritage.  (The Detroit River was declared a Canadian Heritage River in 2001.)  Paddles and Floatation Vests are provided.

Join Us For Cross Country Skiing

People like to ski with others.  Enjoy the winter snow on your skis that have not been used very much.  We arrange ski lessons and ski days when the snow is here or not far away.  Make some new friends and learn some new skills to make your winter more enjoyable.

We ski in the Windsor/Detroit area and in the Toronto area.  Call for details as we depend on the weather.


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