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Gordon Haggert
Gordon Haggert has the experience of many long river trips with groups and has been a Flat Water and Canoe Tripping Instructor for eight years. He is a retired secondary school teacher of French and Spanish and is currently President of ORCA, a non-profit association that encourages safe, knowledgeable and competent canoeists in the Province of Ontario.
Dick Taylor
Dick has been tripping since 1955 and has been involved with ORCA since 1987. He is a Level 2 Instructor for Canoe Tripping and Lakewater and director of 3 ORCA instructor courses. Dick is a landscaper, musician, and retired high school teacher of physics and chemistry.

Dave Goldman
Dave is a Flat Water and Canoe Tripping Instructor and Immediate Past President of ORCA. He is also a graduate of the National Outdoor Leadership School and is a ski instructor certified by the Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors. David is a retired school principal.
Peter Imeson
Peter was a founding member of CSO and continued until 2011 to persue other interests. He remains a good friend of CSO.


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